Terri Wilson - Experienced, tenacious, capable

Work with a Top 100 ProAdvisor!

I am a Premier QuickBooks Solution Provider and have been for 16 years now, which means that I can offer you the best pricing, service and support on any QuickBooks product you may need. My passion is helping small businesses succeed, and I love the fact that my experience helps small business owners control their future.

I do not work for a CPA firm, but am happy to work with your CPA. After graduating from the University of Cincinnati with an accounting degree, I found myself working in the family business - selling chicken and eggs.  When it was time for me to spread my wings, I then worked in corporate jobs which included counting beans for insurance companies and television stations. As an entrepreneur at heart I needed to be my own boss, so I started ThinkQuick and have never looked back.

Outside of running ThinkQuick, I've also dabbled in the restaurant and food truck business, just to keep me in my toes. Oy, the stories I could tell.

When I’m not helping small businesses make it to the next level, I love hanging out with my husband and fur kids in our loft in historic Over-the-Rhine. We get a kick out of the urban renaissance that is taking place here, and we love seeing all of these great small businesses thrive.

I love small business and want yours to be very successful. This is my full-time gig. If you are looking for someone who really know QuickBooks, you have come to the right place.

Make sure that your job is done right the first time and give us a call or shoot me an email.