How to Manage Data, Lots of Data and Make Money with Transaction Pro

Transaction Pro Importer will allow you to grow hair on your head again and lose all the weight you want to lose effortlessly.  Okay, that might have been a wee stretch of the amazing power of this software but if you learn to use this force wisely, you should be able to make enough moola to get whatever your little heart desires.  I see Teslas and lots of bling in our futures!

There are several ways we can rake in the dough with Transaction Pro Importer.  The easiest one is to ask your super awesome clients if they ever find themselves entering some data into Software A and then in a bout of what could only be called pure insanity, entering the exact same data into Software B.  They will be embarrassed to admit this is the case but will also laugh sheepishly as they explain to you that they have never figured out a better way or my favorite that it has always been done this way.  This is when you go totally Clark Kent on them, put on your super-hero cape, and swoop in to save the day.  You know you can move almost any data into QuickBooks using Transaction Pro Importer but they missed that memo and so, cha-ching, you just made yourself a pretty penny and a forever loyal client to boot.  How much can you get paid for this kind of thing?  Well, over time I have come up with a formula to get the maximum value for the minimum amount of work on these projects and have also found a way to continue to get paid after they are complete (because I am truly the laziest girl on planet Earth).  If you want to hear more about how I do just that, join me at my upcoming webinar.  More info on that in just a bit.

There are two other closely related ways to cash in with Transaction Pro Importer that I should mention as well.  You can help clients get that new file smell by well, building one for them.  Think of all those times you have heard, “It’s too big”, “It’s so slow”, “It’s so old” (or was that something else?!).  That type of feedback from clients should perk up your “I like to get paid” ears for the sound of a opportunity.  And what a fabulous opportunity it is.  Those words give you the keys to the candy store since not only can you build them a brand, spanking new file but you can help them redo their chart of accounts, clean up their lists and even map out their processes all of which are revenue producing gigs for you.  Add on some training and Aruba here we come!

The second new file type of project is a conversion.  So clients who are still using DOS can join us here in modern times and become hip and with it.  Help those clients shed their 8 tracks and stop doing the hustle and get them onto QuickBooks asap.  Of the three ways to make money with Transaction Pro Importer we have talked about, this one is certainly the most advanced since the data has to be exported from their current Hal 9000 system and then get all gussied  up to come into QuickBooks.

So is any of this really hard?  Can’t you just learn it yourself and get yourself a big fat paycheck without any help?  Sure, you can.  You can also pull your own teeth out of your mouth but I think there might be an easier way.  While using the software isn’t really that hard, making sure you have all of the data you need and that it is in the correct format takes a little training.  So does coming up with a project plan and also keeping your client peeps all calm and happy, since unhappy clients make for unhappy (and possibly unpaid) advisors.  Of course, you could go all primitive and bang your head against a wall learning the in’s and out’s of how to successfully do one of these projects (which is the really stupid thing I did) OR you could take what’s behind door number 3 and take a really fun class instead.  How do I know it will be fun?  Well I am teaching it, of course, so it is guaranteed to be a total, laugh-a-minute blast!

During the class, I will be showing you exactly how to price and execute these types of projects.  I will be sharing with you all of my tips and tricks on how to get these done quickly and smoothly.  I will also humbly share my screw ups, oops, I mean learning opportunities, so you don’t have to suffer the same fate and spend many painful hours fixing mistakes.

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